Taste Masked Technologie.

Taste Masked Technology
(orodisperisble granules)

Technology in stick format with granules
for better and more effective dosage.

Pharmaceutical, nutraceutical products, food supplements and other drug substances often have an unpleasant flavour in oral forms of administration. When a tablet or capsule is swallowed whole, the material can pass the taste buds without significant detection.

When the material is a chewable tablet, an effervescent or film-coated tablet, solution or suspension or in this case orodispersible granules, the unpleasant flavour is often the main cause of the patient failing to continue treatment.

The Taste Masking technology is used to mask the unpleasant flavour in these formulations. The most common strategy to mask the flavour involves adding a flavoured coating on the drug substance to delay the release of the product until it has been swallowed.

Additionally granules orodispersible are in stick pack format to facilities its use and administration.

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